Martin Modern Floor Plan Layouts

The Martin Modern floor plan designs will span a range of unit types across its 450 units. Currently the full set of layouts are not available yet, but below are 3 draft floor plans.

Please contact us below if you would like to have the complete set of Martin Modern condo floor plans emailed to you once available.

Wallich Residence by GuocoLand . Developer for Martin Modern Floor PlanWallich Residence by GuocoLand . Developer for Martin Modern Floor Plan


Martin Modern Floor Plans · Unit Types

2 Bedroom 76 820 150
2BR + Study 82 880 90
3 Bedroom 97 1,050 90
3BR + Study 121 1,300 60
4 Bedroom 167 1,800 60


Martin Modern Floor Plan Layouts · Draft Floor Plans

Martin Modern Floor Plan Layout 2 Bedroom Type B1Draft Martin Modern Floor Plans . 2 Bedroom Type B1 . Click to Enlarge


Martin Modern Condo Floor Plan Layout 3 Bedroom Type C2Draft Martin Modern Floor Plan . 3 Bedroom Type C2 . Click to Enlarge


Martin Modern Floor Plans 4 Bedroom Type D2Draft Martin Modern Condominium Floor Plans . 4 Bedroom Type D2


Martin Modern Floor Plan Designs · Site Layout

Plot ratio is 2.8, which is relatively much less dense than most new launches now, that have a plot ratio of typically between 3.5 to 4.9. This means that for every square foot of land, there is a maximum 2.8 square feet of nett built in area.

So Martin Modern will be less crowded and built up than recent launches. In fact, over 80% of the land here will be given over to become a lush botanic garden.

Martin Modern Site Layout . GardenArtist’s Impression . Martin Modern Condo . Secret Garden


Martin Modern Floor Plans · Showflat · VIP Preview

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